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POWTS - Private Onsite Waste Treatment System
All septic systems and holding tanks are required to be inspected and/or pumped at least once every three years.
This is a Burnett County code required maintenance.
Help protect our lakes and watersheds.


• Know where your septic tank is located
• Have your septic tank accessible for any emergencies that may arise (i.e. frozen lines, plugged lines, plugged vents, etc.)
• Insulate over your septic lines between the house and the septic system to prevent winter freeze up
• Make sure vent caps are exposed and above ground
• Know the age of your septic system


• Conserve water
• Use environmentally safe detergents


• Watch for ponding of water near your septic system
• Watch out for leaky toilets and faucets
• Slow flushing or slow draining
• Gurgling toilets
• Odor

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